Now that iJoobi has come with an upgrade for the Acajoom newsletter and has called this new newsletter component jNews it is time to upgrade your Acajoom newsletter component. jNews has got a lot of cool expanding possibilities like automatic bounce back management, link tracking to enable link statistics in your newsletters, auto subscribe function for visitors regitering to your site when using JomSocial. Take note that jNews is not compatible with Joomla 1.0.

Improvements jNews over Acajoom newsletter component

  1. Captcha refresh option
  2. Automatic bounce management possibility
  3. Improved statistics including graphics and pie chart
  4. Statistics show the number of subscribers and unsubscribers after each sent newsletter
  5. Option to export statistics as csv file for possible further analysis.
  6. Improved newsletter module styling, theme variation and effects
  7. HTML newsletter template management
  8. Ability to add inline css for HTML tags and inline css classes for improved email client compatibility.
  9. Queue management view
  10. Ability to clean the whole queue

Contact us for more information about Acajoom to jNews upgrade service.

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When referring a new client to us for seo services, web design or graphic design we will give away one year of free hosting for your website, no matter what the size of your website is. If your website is on another server we will transfer your website for free to our server.

If you know someone who needs a new website, graphic design or search engine optimization you can tell them about our company by using the “Tell a friend button” on the right side of our homepage. When they decide to become a client with us, they should mention your name as the referral. We will contact you and set up your free hosting account. Our hosting comes with Installatron so you will be able to install a CMS like WordPress or Joomla automatically with a click on a button. It’s that easy and you will be able to publish articles immediately. So why not start referring a friend to us right now? It only takes a minute. Go to our homepage to see the Tell a Friend button on the right side.

Good luck!

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In Joomla it is possible to integrate a newsletter component which allows you to easily send emails in bulk without further extra cost per send email. This is a very affordable newsletter solution because it is a one time inexpensive investment wthout extra cost. The Acajoom newsletter component is the preferred newsletter component for its stability and possibilities. Our configuration is set up in a userfriendly way that allows you to send emails with a press on a button.

Our Joomla newsletter installation services provides you with:

  • Installation, configuration, setup and testing of your preferred newsletter component € 149,-.
  • Customize HTML newsletter template. We provide can provide a design that will suit your corporate identity (logo, website, folder, brochure or business card) and we will add image positions for email client compatibility € 75,-.
  • Import email addresses in newsletter component. We create a compatible csv file that contains all your email addresses and import the compatible csv file in Acajoom € 50,-.

Features Acajoom newsletter component for Joomla:

  • Send unlimited emails in bulk
  • No extra cost per send email and no monthly or yearly returning cost, it’s a one time investment
  • .csv file support. Import email adresses in bulk; Upload a csv file containing a list with your collected email addresses.
  • Email list management; Double email addresses are automatically filtered. Subscribers are automatically added to the corresponding mailinglists, and unsubscribers are automatically unsubscribed and deleted from the list.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation mail (HTML or plain text) which can be fully customized.
  • Double opt-in; With double opt-in you can prove that the newsletter subscriber entered the correct email address, because subscribers have to confirm their email address by clicking the confirmation mail that Acajoom has sent to their inboxes. In the European Union this is mandatory.
  • Attachments support in newsletter. Large attachments (more than 5 MB) are not recommended.
  • Tag support for sending personalized emails; insert various tags like [name] to make personalized emails.
  • Unsubscribe option in your newsletters. It is regulated by Dutch law that you have to provide a possibility in the newsletter to unsubscribe. This is done by inserting the unsubscribe tag in the newsletter (footer).
  • Basic statistics; number of send emails and views (views can only be measured with HTML newsletters)

If you want more advanced newsletter features for your Acajoom newsletter component you can check out the official Acajoom product page where additional features for your Acajoom newsletter can be bought. All features mentioned above come with the free newsletter component Acajoom News.

The Acajoom newsletter component will work on most hosters but if you have chosen our web hosting service than we can guarantee that you will be able to send lots of emails in a short time frame. We have tested this service for various clients with up to 5000 emails (HTML and text) which were send in a timeframe of 3 hours. It is possible to send much more email per bulk if we don’t send the emails in a too short time frame.

Besides the Acajoom newsletter component we also provide this service for ccNewsletter, Communicator and the Lettermannewsletter component.

You can contact us for a hassle free newsletter installation service and start sending newsletters within two days.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to publish content to your website immediately whenever you get inspirition. Wheather this would be on the beach, in the bus, train or at school or work. Covert Apps has made this possible by developping an application that will enable you to maintain the basic functionalities of your Joomla website on your iPhone or iPod touch. With this application you will be able to write and publishing content to you website from wherever you are. This makes it very useful for blogging purposes.

Some of Joomla Admin Mobile (JAM!) features are:

  • Manage unlimited Joomla 1.5 sites
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla articles and images
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla sections
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla catagories
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla users
  • View and Edit Joomla menus
  • View and Edit Joomla menu items
  • Pagination for all groups – You select how many articles, user etc you fetch at a time.
  • Article filtering by section, category, or publishing status.

The application is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch with iPhone OS 2.2.1 or newer.

The application is sold on the iTunes application store for € 7,99.

You can watch a short movie about the appliction on the Covert Apps website

Below are some screenshots of the application on a iPhone.

This is how the Joomla Admin Mobile application looks like on a iPhone:
This is how your Joomla articles will look like with Joomla Admin Mobile on a iPhone:
Here you can see how to view and edit Joomla categories with Admin Mobile on iPhone:
View and edit Joomla categories with Admin Mobile on iPhone:
Need help setting up your iPhone and Joomla website to be able to maintain your Joomla site on your iPhone or iPod touch?

Send us a message, we will be glad to help you with it.

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Choose our more than excellent web hosting and receive an installation of the latest Joomla or WordPress version for free. We will give you your administrator and database passwords and documentation in an easy excel overview so you can get started the right way. Start publishing you articles within minutes.

Contact us for a free Joomla or WordPress installation with medium and large hosting packages.

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We have the following keyword rich domain names for sale:

  • + – Premium domain with high potential for affiliate income by promoting online marketing software etc.
  • – only 6 digits and a frequently used term in seo “keyword effectiveness index”.
  • – number 1 seo company, there can only be one number one right?
  • – SEO extension or plugins
  • – SEO extension or plugins
  • – search engine optimization meister – de gootheid onder de seo bureau’s
  • – currently contains an internet marketing directory
  • – In Dutch: linkbuilding specialisten In English:In English: link building specialists
  • – In Dutch: Tekst Vertaal (Bureau) of Tekst Vertaal (Diensten) In English: Text Translate (Agency ) or Text Translation (Services)

Some of the competitive advantages that keyword rich domains will give you are:

  • Higher ranking in search engines with less effort giving you an unfair competitive advantage.
  • You url will be displayed in bold when people search for the keyword leading to higher click through rates.
  • They are great for developing a blog and to profile your company as expert on the subject.
  • Keyword rich domains that rank high are interesting for link partners and to link to your money site.
  • When setting up a link directory on the domain you can use it for three way link building and make competitors link to your money site.

Advantages of buying aged domain names:

  • Aged domain names are more trusted by Google thus having more Trusrank which will make it easier to rank on keywords.
  • Some domain names have a website developed on it with quality and relevant content which drives visitors to the site from the search engines.
  • Some domain names generate income (for example from Adwords or other advertising options) and have visitors.
  • Aged domain names often have links pointed to them and when these links are form quality sites and conain keyword rich anchor text then it will boost rankings for these keywords.
  • Some domains already rank for particular keywords.

Contact us for more details about the domain names that we have for sale. After negotiation and purchase the domain name will be in your posession within one week time after purchase.


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Getting your site listed in (Open Directory Project) is very good for your seo. Besides that you have to be aware that Google often grabs the description from DMOZ in the search results descriptions.

What do I need to do to get my site listed?

First of all you will need a good quality site.

DMOZ doens’t want to be a promotional tool for webmasters but want to be a library with interesting internet sources. Any site that has quality content that can serve the public good can get listed.

Make a as short as possible title for your listing with your companies name in it.

Don’t use your companies or websites name again in the description. Make sure you don’t advertise your site but give a neutral objective subscription of your site. As a reference you should use your websites or companies email address e.g.

What to do when you have a good quality site but your site doesn’t get listed in DMOZ?

To find out if your site is listed in DMOZ you have to go to

and enter: title

Where “title” is the title you submitted with your dmoz listing.

Beware that if you have double submitted your site to DMOZ you can get blacklisted. Wait at least six months before resubmitting to DMOZ.

If you have a site that contains a lot of advertisements or non informational content than your site probably will not get listed.

It is not proven but there is a hunch that a small proportion of the 8000 DMOZ volunteer editors could have benefits from being a DMOZ editor. They could get their own websites and their friends websites listed and keep competitors from being listed which could make DMOZ not objective. But the majority of DMOZ editors seems ok and does an objective job.

When applying for listing it is important that you select the right category, narrow it down as much as possible. DMOZ is a list which is very geo targeted so you should try to list your site as much as possible in your region/city.

Some categories have keen editor volunteers and limited submissions, so no submission waits for more than a couple of days. Other categories have many submissions and attract few editors, so any submission are waiting for years.

How to get more listings in DMOZ?

Only extremely high content rich sites get listed in more than three categories, with the exception of sites that offer content in multiple languages. These sites can get listed in all their language regions.

Now you know how to get listed in DMOZ. You can go to their website and submit your site. We hope you will succeed.

By commenting you can let me know if you have more ideas on how to increase the chance of being submitted to

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Website analysis is a core function of webmaster. By offering free website analysis Google has won the war for search engine supremacy. Now you have visibility to see how visitors reach at your site, how many go back, how many converts in to your customers and all sorts of such detailed reports.

Google acquired Urchin Software Corp. in April 2005 and created Google Analytics services. Google use ‘page tag’ technology for analysis. To get its services you need to have register with Google analytic account. It is an easy process since it requires you to have your Google account and the code inserted in to the page of your site, which has provided by Google when you are going to start Google analytics.

The mechanism of the tracking is that when you insert the JavaScript code that is also called Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) into the every page of your site it act as a bonfire, collecting private visitor data and sending it back to Google data collection servers for processing. Besides propagating information to Google servers, the GATC sets first party cookies on each visitor’s computer. This further used to store anonymous information such as whether the visitor has been to the site before, what is the timestamp of the current visit and what was the referrer site or campaign the visitor came from e.g. search engine, keywords, banner, email etc.

Google analytics produces lots up details regarding to your site if you can read it. For reading information produce by Google analytics, you have to accustom with some terminology and the location where you will get it on Analytics account. Let us take a brief tour of such parameter and know little bit about them.


The very first step you will take is to ‘log in’ into Google Analytics account. At the center of the page there is a section titled as Website Profiles. There is link named view reports when you click on that link it will bring you to the Dashboard. On the dashboard page there is a chart, which depicts visual representation of the site traffic for the past months. This chart starts showing data when you insert the code into your site. There is a facility to see the chart with the span of time and you can do it by clicking on the ‘date’ button at the upper right hand corner. A Calendar will pop up select the date or manually type it you will get the chart for that date.

Compare to Past

If you want to compare two different time periods first select the time period range you want to see and then push the ‘compare to past’ button and select another time range that you wish to see comparatively.


Visits menu is just below the date’s menu. If you want to change the graph into pageviews then just click on it. By clicking on it you will be able to know how many times your sites page have been viewed, on average how many pages of your site does the users visits, How much time is spent on your site by the user, what is the bounce rate percentile, and also what is the percentage of the new visits.


Pageviews shows that what many times the users see your page.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate informs us that how many times a user just leaves the site after only viewing one page of it.

Avg. Time on Site:

Avg. Time on site shows that how much time a user spends on your site.

New Visits

New visits shows that what percentage of the users have never visited the site before.

Site usage

If you want to view the site usage then below the visits chart you will be able to see a header saying Site usage, with small six charts below. Moreover, you will be able to get information on statistics of site traffic for the duration of the time displayed on the main chart. In addition to this each, one has individual charts.

Visitors Overview

Visitors Overview is a chart that shows that how many times the users visit your site.

Map Overlay

Map overlay shows that from what countries the visitors come.

Traffic Sources Overview

Traffic sources overview displays what percentile of the users do come to your site by just typing the URL directly in the browser, or via search engines, referring sites, or other avenues like the emailed links, etc.

Content Overview

Content overview shows the five top most pages viewed by the users during the span of time you are looking at.

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We provide web statistics reporting service and analysis with Google Analytics integration and CrazyEgg visual heat map statistics reporting system. With both programs we can discover which seo optimization method is working best for this site and act accordingly. We ask a one time setup fee of $260,- or € 200,-. After the setup fee there is a $ 13,- or € 10,- subscription fee to pay for the CrazyEgg  statistics reporting system and we make sure that the monthly statistics reports are send to your mailbox every month. Analysis of the statistics report can be done for $ 65,- or € 50,-. We will provide you then with recommendations and show you which statistics you should monitor to find chances and flaws in your website

>>> Order web statistics installation and reporting service <<<

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If you are using an old Joomla version it is recommended to update to the latest Joomla version to close security leaks and to profit from improved features. With the latest Joomla version your site will have more resistance against hackers and will be harder for them to infiltrate your site.

Tutorial Update Joomla Site:

  • First make a backup of your Joomla site with Akeeba or manually download all files with ftp and make a backup of the MySQL database.
  • Download the update file
  • Unzip the file in a folder.
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