About Styling Designs

Styling Designs is formed by specialized webdesigners, graphic designers and internet marketeers from all around the world. Styling Designs headquarters is based in the creative city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Working with a group of international professionals make Styling Designs flexible, cost efficient and gives us the possibility to serve international clients. Our  employees work together to deliver quality services with passion, dedication and enthousiasm.

What to expect from Styling Designs?

We are a group of enthousiasts that do what they like most. We like to serve clients and deliver quality products. We are  happy if our clients are happy and tell their friends about our good products and service. For these reasons our goal is 100% satisfaction.

Affordable and good quality internet services

Styling Designs is able to offer affordable quality web design, graphic design and internet marketing services because:

  • Styling Designs is a network of specialized professionals, all earnings flow directly to our employees, not to an expensive company. Our employees are friendly people who have made their work out of their passion. Their passion is to work with enthousiastic people and to deliver excellend designs which are affordable for consumers and small and medium sized businesses.
  • We don’t have to rent an office. All our employees work from home.
  • Besides some commercial seo tools, graphic design software and commercial plugins and templates, we use the best open source software that is available on the market. Open source software can be downloaded and used commercially for free. Popular open source software such as WordPress, VirtueMart and Joomla have got a large and active support community. These communities are very helpful and we are very active on these forums. By using open source software there is no need to write complicated code from scratch. Furthermore we also use a lot of free tools with which we can get excellend results.

Styling Designs is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Dutch Tax office:

Tax Number: NL001636527B04
Chamber of Commerce: 60512857

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