Many business websites make use of a quote request form. With this form visitors can fill in their contact data and let the company know what type of product or services they need.

Ideally the request a quote form gives the user options to choose from so that the visitor does not have to think about all available options themselves. Unfortunately many request a quote forms do not show the visitor what type of services or products the company has to offer. What happens is that visitors have no clue what options there are. Most of the times the visitor will then give only a brief description about their desired wishes, giving the company very little information to set up a custom quote for the potential client.

What are the benefits of a custom request a quote form?

  • Better user experience

When visitors like your site they will usually spend more time on the site and are more likely to buy.
An additional benefit of people spending more time on your site is that Google will see this as an indicator of interest and quality of your site. For example if visitors come to your site by typing in a keyword or keyword phrase into Google and immediately leave your site then Google will think that people using that keyword phrase do not find what they are looking for. Google will then lower your ranking in Google for that particular keyword. Otherwise if people do spend more time on your site then Google will award your site and rank it higher for that particular keyword

  • Your website will look more professional

Everyone knows that a professional looking website converts better. For example would you still enter your credit card data into a website that looks from the stone ages and written with HTML? I don’t think so.

  • Better workflow and efficiency

A properly filled in request a quote form will give the company a lot of detailed information about the needs of the client and therefore the company will be able to give the client a well thought through quote.

  • Easier to follow up leads

If you want to call the potential client and you know already a lot of their desires then you have a lot of information to talk about and advise the client. The client will definitely appreciate this and it will help you to close the deal.

How to choose a custom request a quote form designer?

A custom request a quote form designer needs to posses the following qualities:

  • Excellent knowledge of PHP; A good PHP coder will code the custom request a quote form in PHP and integrate it into your website.
  • Being able to work with version control. Version control will help the form designer to look into the changes he made and it will help the designer to go back to a previous state and test with different coding options. Without version control it is almost impossible to create a complex form.
  • Knowledge of web design and graphic design. This way you know that the custom request a quote form design will merge perfectly into your site and looks professional.
  • Good knowledge of your business. If the custom request a quote form designer knows a lot about your business then he or she will be better in thinking about the possible options and this will help in speeding up the design process. It will also save you time in explaining the options to the designer.

We can help you to design the custom request a quote form that suits your business. View an example of a custom request a quote form we made for the website This is an excellent example of how a request a quote form can help a visitor choose from options they have. Furthermore this request a quote form will show the visitor in real time what the total price will be when choosing one of the options by clicking on one of the checkboxes of sliding one of the sliders. Furthermore this form gives visitors to get a quote for all available steps by clicking just one checkbox. This way you will not lose any potential clients that do not have time to fill in the form.

Contact us and let us design the request a quote form for your site. It will help your site to optimize conversions.

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