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Domain name registration services

Finding a valuable domain is getting harder and harder as more and more good domain names are being taken. Because good domain names are getting scarse registering a domain name can be a good investment if the keywords in the domain names has got high search volumes and the domain name has got good commercial potential. A domain name can be parked which means that until the domain name is used for business, there will be advertisement on the domain page and information about who to contact when you want to buy the domain name. With the revenue from the aadvertisement you can be able to pay for the registration fee and even make more money if your domain gets a lot of visitors. When you want to sell your domain name you have a lot of possibilities to do so. There are numerous market places where you can sell your domain names and you can sell them to domain traders. Of course we can help you in your search for a good domain name and with parking your domain name. We also mediate between buyers and sellers of commercial domain names.

Domain Name Appraisal

Get your domain appraised before you buy it. A domain name is where your website is build on. So before investing a lot of time and money in builing and promoting a website you should make sure that you use a domain name which contains keywords that people use when they search for your services. The value of a domain name is determined through a number of different factors.

  1. Number of words, characters, hyphens and digits (the less the better)
  2. Domain Name Extension
  3. Number of Keywords in domain name and number of monthly searches for these keywords now and in the future
  4. Natural type in traffic and traffic from the search engines
  5. Advertisement and search competition for these keywords (lots of competion means that these keywords are commercial and popular)
  6. Commercial possibilities
  7. Easy to remember, market and brand
  8. Number of potential buyers
  9. Domain age (if applicable; older domain have a higher Google trustrank)
  10. Number of monthly visitors on the domain (if applicable)
  11. Number of inlinks (if applicable)
  12. Revenue (if applicable)
  13. And various other seo factors if the domain name is already registered and online.


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