Wouldn’t it be nice to publish content to your website immediately whenever you get inspirition. Wheather this would be on the beach, in the bus, train or at school or work. Covert Apps has made this possible by developping an application that will enable you to maintain the basic functionalities of your Joomla website on your iPhone or iPod touch. With this application you will be able to write and publishing content to you website from wherever you are. This makes it very useful for blogging purposes.

Some of Joomla Admin Mobile (JAM!) features are:

  • Manage unlimited Joomla 1.5 sites
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla articles and images
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla sections
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla catagories
  • View, Add and Edit Joomla users
  • View and Edit Joomla menus
  • View and Edit Joomla menu items
  • Pagination for all groups – You select how many articles, user etc you fetch at a time.
  • Article filtering by section, category, or publishing status.

The application is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch with iPhone OS 2.2.1 or newer.

The application is sold on the iTunes application store for € 7,99.

You can watch a short movie about the appliction on the Covert Apps website

Below are some screenshots of the application on a iPhone.

This is how the Joomla Admin Mobile application looks like on a iPhone:
This is how your Joomla articles will look like with Joomla Admin Mobile on a iPhone:
Here you can see how to view and edit Joomla categories with Admin Mobile on iPhone:
View and edit Joomla categories with Admin Mobile on iPhone:
Need help setting up your iPhone and Joomla website to be able to maintain your Joomla site on your iPhone or iPod touch?

Send us a message, we will be glad to help you with it.

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