In Joomla it is possible to integrate a newsletter component which allows you to easily send emails in bulk without further extra cost per send email. This is a very affordable newsletter solution because it is a one time inexpensive investment wthout extra cost. The Acajoom newsletter component is the preferred newsletter component for its stability and possibilities. Our configuration is set up in a userfriendly way that allows you to send emails with a press on a button.

Our Joomla newsletter installation services provides you with:

  • Installation, configuration, setup and testing of your preferred newsletter component € 149,-.
  • Customize HTML newsletter template. We provide can provide a design that will suit your corporate identity (logo, website, folder, brochure or business card) and we will add image positions for email client compatibility € 75,-.
  • Import email addresses in newsletter component. We create a compatible csv file that contains all your email addresses and import the compatible csv file in Acajoom € 50,-.

Features Acajoom newsletter component for Joomla:

  • Send unlimited emails in bulk
  • No extra cost per send email and no monthly or yearly returning cost, it’s a one time investment
  • .csv file support. Import email adresses in bulk; Upload a csv file containing a list with your collected email addresses.
  • Email list management; Double email addresses are automatically filtered. Subscribers are automatically added to the corresponding mailinglists, and unsubscribers are automatically unsubscribed and deleted from the list.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation mail (HTML or plain text) which can be fully customized.
  • Double opt-in; With double opt-in you can prove that the newsletter subscriber entered the correct email address, because subscribers have to confirm their email address by clicking the confirmation mail that Acajoom has sent to their inboxes. In the European Union this is mandatory.
  • Attachments support in newsletter. Large attachments (more than 5 MB) are not recommended.
  • Tag support for sending personalized emails; insert various tags like [name] to make personalized emails.
  • Unsubscribe option in your newsletters. It is regulated by Dutch law that you have to provide a possibility in the newsletter to unsubscribe. This is done by inserting the unsubscribe tag in the newsletter (footer).
  • Basic statistics; number of send emails and views (views can only be measured with HTML newsletters)

If you want more advanced newsletter features for your Acajoom newsletter component you can check out the official Acajoom product page where additional features for your Acajoom newsletter can be bought. All features mentioned above come with the free newsletter component Acajoom News.

The Acajoom newsletter component will work on most hosters but if you have chosen our web hosting service than we can guarantee that you will be able to send lots of emails in a short time frame. We have tested this service for various clients with up to 5000 emails (HTML and text) which were send in a timeframe of 3 hours. It is possible to send much more email per bulk if we don’t send the emails in a too short time frame.

Besides the Acajoom newsletter component we also provide this service for ccNewsletter, Communicator and the Lettermannewsletter component.

You can contact us for a hassle free newsletter installation service and start sending newsletters within two days.

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