Getting your site listed in (Open Directory Project) is very good for your seo. Besides that you have to be aware that Google often grabs the description from DMOZ in the search results descriptions.

What do I need to do to get my site listed?

First of all you will need a good quality site.

DMOZ doens’t want to be a promotional tool for webmasters but want to be a library with interesting internet sources. Any site that has quality content that can serve the public good can get listed.

Make a as short as possible title for your listing with your companies name in it.

Don’t use your companies or websites name again in the description. Make sure you don’t advertise your site but give a neutral objective subscription of your site. As a reference you should use your websites or companies email address e.g.

What to do when you have a good quality site but your site doesn’t get listed in DMOZ?

To find out if your site is listed in DMOZ you have to go to

and enter: title

Where “title” is the title you submitted with your dmoz listing.

Beware that if you have double submitted your site to DMOZ you can get blacklisted. Wait at least six months before resubmitting to DMOZ.

If you have a site that contains a lot of advertisements or non informational content than your site probably will not get listed.

It is not proven but there is a hunch that a small proportion of the 8000 DMOZ volunteer editors could have benefits from being a DMOZ editor. They could get their own websites and their friends websites listed and keep competitors from being listed which could make DMOZ not objective. But the majority of DMOZ editors seems ok and does an objective job.

When applying for listing it is important that you select the right category, narrow it down as much as possible. DMOZ is a list which is very geo targeted so you should try to list your site as much as possible in your region/city.

Some categories have keen editor volunteers and limited submissions, so no submission waits for more than a couple of days. Other categories have many submissions and attract few editors, so any submission are waiting for years.

How to get more listings in DMOZ?

Only extremely high content rich sites get listed in more than three categories, with the exception of sites that offer content in multiple languages. These sites can get listed in all their language regions.

Now you know how to get listed in DMOZ. You can go to their website and submit your site. We hope you will succeed.

By commenting you can let me know if you have more ideas on how to increase the chance of being submitted to

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