Seo Specialist Amsterdam

Our Seo Specialist offers affordable seo services that will help you generate targeted traffic to your site. This way you can avoid spending a fortune on Adwords and other expensive advertisements to drive customers to your site. Your clients will be able to find you in the more trusted natural search results. Styling Designs offers an affordable and unique step by step approach to determine the best seo strategy. Our seo reports will reveil all secrets and opportunities within you branche.

Eye tracking studies have shown that the first three natural results in Google get 80% of all clicks. Imagine what a top three position could do for your business. Your business would grow exponentially. The heatmap below shows how people scan the search results in Google.

google search results eye tracking heat map

The next image shows the percentage of clicks each position will get on average and the average time spend on the site.

Google click percentages and time on site

Long term investment in your online business

Your website is you online real estate. Even though seo is an ongoing process, when you invest in seo your website will benefit a long time from higher rankings, more targeted visitors and higher sales. Valuable traffic to your website can boost your business in a huge way. To turn visitors into clients your website needs to be well designed and optimized for the right keywords in your niche. Your visitors need to find the information they were looking for. Styling Designs seo specialist can help find keyword niches for your website and  optimize your website for these keyword niches. And by designing sales funnels for your website our seo experts will ensure a high conversion rate. You can have all the traffic in the world but if this traffic does not lead to sales your website is useless.

Search engine optimization process

Above: Image of the continuous search engine optimization process

Your personal seo specialist is specialized in developing search engine optimized webpages. If you want your website to rank higher in the search engines we need to do some keyword research and make a keyword ranking report to know your current position in the search engines. With a competitive seo analysis we can estimate how much it takes to get a top slot in the search engines. After these seo reports we advice to get some quality links to your site with our linkbuilding services. We follow all Google guidelines which makes us a 100% whitehat seo specialist. All our efforts are logged and you will get full insight in the seo strategy.

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