How to get a top 10 result in Google?

As can be seen on our seo results page a top 10 result in Google can achieved quite easily. After investing time in keyword research, web page optimalisation and linkbuilding we will have made your website highly optimized. This doesn’t guarantee a top position in Google unless your website is aiming for keyword strings with little competition and your competitors do not have optimized sites. When it comes to seo, your goal should always be to outrank your competitors and be at least on the first page of Google.

How to beat the competition?

To get a top 10 position in Google for keyword strings that have some or a lot of competition we will have to analyze how good your competitors have optimized their site and we will have to do a better job. The seo experts of Styling Designs can analyze your competitors and compare ranking factors like incoming links, domain age, pagerank, indexed pages per search engines, from other websites, social media and the value of these incoming links.

You need high quality relevant incoming links

The most important factor for high search engine ranking is obtaining relevant incoming links with high pagerank to your site. This requires setting up a linkbuilding strategy. It is important that websites that are related to the subject of your site link to you with a keyword rich description. Websites with a high pagerank linking to your site will give the best seo results and improve your pagerank and ranking in the search engines. Especialy when there are not a lot of links on that page with whom you share the pagerank you are able to get a lot of linkjuice aka linklove. Generating links to your site can also be achieved with link baiting, advertisements, setting up an affiliate program, writing press releases or articles for magazines and online news portals.

You need relevant and informative content

Once visitors arrive to your site it is important to make sure that people stay as long as possible on your site by providing them with relevant content that matches their search queries and by using other techniques like video for example to keep them on the site. This way Google knows that the content on your site is relevant and this will improve Google ranking. Good promoted informative (video) content will surely help people linking to your site and bookmark it.

Optimize websites performance and usability

By optimizing your websites performance such as page load time you can increase your ranking and give your visitors a better user experience. Here are some important factors that determine performance and usability:

  • Decrease file sizes with compression and reduce number of http request to increase page load time
  • Managing outbound links with nofollow tags
  • Reduce duplicate url’s
  • Optimize interlinking between pages on your site
  • Writing unique, structured, quality and informative content
  • Keep your visitors interested and guide them through your sales funnels

These are the most important factors to give your visitors a good user experience. By following these guidelines you will improve ranking in Google and will get you much closer to a highly desired top position in Google.

How to purchase our seo services

For top google results please consider purchasing our seo reports. These reports give insight in the amount of optimization that your website needs. After making these reports we will optimize each web page for € 25,-. Then we can continue the optimization process with linkbuilding and after a while we make a new keyword ranking report to view if we have made the desired results and finetune the optimization process. From then on we can maintin the seo services for a fixed price per month or seo service hours can be bought with  a website maintenance contract. We use professional seo tools and  seo sheets to keep track of the optimization process. We offer quality seo services at reasonable prices. A top position in Google for the right keywords will affect your business in a huge way. More targeted traffic will boost the number of clients and orders fast. Lots of websites from small business owners are not well optimized  for the search engines. With our seo reports we can prove our seo results and with Google Analytics we can prove the increase in conversions from your website.


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