Keyword ranking report

After we have discovered valuable keywords we want to know how high your current ranking score is in the search engines for these keywords. This way we can see if your website is ranking for the right keywords and see if we can make quick impovements. When ordering a keyword ranking report you will receive an overview in pdf about your keyword ranking results in the search engines.

Keyword rank check service:

The pdf Keyword Ranking Check report will be automatically emailed to your prefered email address.

We advice our clients to do monthly or weekly keyword rank checks because after every update to the website we need to know what the effects are and need to be able see where we should make adjustments.

We are able to monitor keyword ranking in more than 360 international search engines. We can monitor keyword ranking results from international search engines such as,,,,, etcetera.

We guarantee that our rank checks are not influenced by personal search results, are always up-to-date and targeted to your most important search engine(s).

Prices depend on the number of keywords to be checked, the number of search engines we need to monitor your keyword ranking for and the frequency of the rank checks. Monthly and weekly rank checks receive a good discount.


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