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Styling Designs seo copywriter can provide fresh and unique seo optimized content for your website for only $0,20 or €0,15 per word. This includes creating the webpages in your website and optimizing images that we can add to your site and optimizing titles, headers and making the keywords bold and / or italic and interlinking to relevant pages using keyword phrases. Minimum purchase is 500 words. This is a very cost efficient way to create seo optimized web pages for your website.

Why choose our seo copywriter?

Our seo tactics to find keyword niches:

Seo copywriting is specialized copywriting for the web. To get high rankings in the search engines it is important to choose keywords wisely. Best practise is to optimize a 500 words webpage for not more than 3 keywords. To choose these keywords it is necesarry to do keyword research. With keyword research we are able to find keywords that have a relative high number of searches against a limited number of competing webpages for this exact keyword. When we have found the number of monthly searches and the number competing webpages for this keyword, we can calculate the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI). A keyword with a high KEI is a keyword we can get the best results with when optimizing for the search engines. But we are not writing for the search engines, we are writing for our visitors and potential client. So we want to make sure that the chosen keywords are relevant to the line of business you are in so we can write a story that makes sense and will actually lead to conversions.

Now here comes the tricky part of seo copywriting. Almost all common keywords (for example “hotel”) have high search volumes and very high competition. So much competition that the KEI is low. This means we are most of the times better of choosing a keyword string containing multiple keywords (for example “luxury hotel Amsterdam”). This way we optimize the webpage for the more common keyword “hotel”, “hotel Amsterdam” and the more targeted keyword “luxury hotel Amsterdam”.  This is a very effective approach.

Imagine your business just starts out. You have to start from scratch and you are competing against all these webpages that are already established. Your website needs time to grow and generate links to your site. Your webpage will have to start at the bottom. Suppose your webpage is able to rank on page one of google for “luxury hotel Amsterdam” because there are only 9 other competing webpages with these exact keyword phrase. Well that will be an excellend start. Now several months later your website has gained about 100 links to this webpage and now your webpage is also ranking on page one for the more common keyword “hotel Amsterdam”. Now if your website has become an authority site, has gained lots of reviews and about 10.000 links to this webpage then it will be possible to get on page one of the local search engine results pages (serps) for the very generic keyword “hotel” (for the local search engine, not because that would take a lot more efforts because you will compete globally).

Playing with the order in which you place the keywords will have an effect on the number of searches and competing webpages and therefor the KEI calculation. In the unfortunate occasion that you are not able to find a keyword with a KEI that is worth competing for, you can try to find keywords with spelling mistakes. In some cases keywords with spelling mistakes can generate lots of traffic because a lot of times your competitors do not have optimized their pages for keywords with spelling mistakes. You can hide a keyword spelling mistakes by placing them in the alt text of an image or masker by putting it in the middle of a summary list. This way you can get traffic for this keyword with spelling mistake without looking to much as an idiot who can’t spell 😉

As you can see, you can be very quite creative in choosing the right keyword strings. The seo copywriter of Styling Designs is an expert in finding these seo niches and write content which is attractive to read and will seduce visitors to take action and make a sale.

Price: $0,20 / €0,15 per word


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