Website optimization – Seo website optimizer

Website optimization is an important factor for getting good seo results. Your website needs to be designed and structured in a way that it can be easily crawled by the search engine spiders and that the right keywords get the most weight for the calculations of the search engines algorithm. Our personal website optimizer can do some keyword research and strategically enter keywords in the content, titles, headers, alt text, url’s, names for category and the description tag. Furthermore a good internal linking structure, optimizing images with keywords and a HTML and  seo optimized XML sitemap can do wonders for your site. There are a lot of different aspects that determain the ranking of a website in the search engines. Here we will go through the most important seo factors.

Seo optimized content

Content is king and this is still very true in 2010 even though quality linkbuilding has become a bigger factor than before. If you want your website to be found in Google your website needs original and quality, keyword rich and seo optimized content. Using keywords with relative high searches and low competing webpages (high Keyword Effectiveness Index) is very important to be able to get high rankings in the search engines. Also a good internal linking structure shows the search engines that your website isn’t just a bunch of different articles but shows that your content is inter related which is good for theming your site.

When you have written quality content with the targeted keywords (with high KEI) and your audience is able to find you on these keywords you can lead them through your sales pages and increase your conversion rates. Furthermore if your content is noteworthy then you have a good chance that webmasters will link to your content which will highly boost your rankings. Styling Designs seo copywriters can write seo optimized content and make seo optimize webpages for your site. We find targeted keywords and keyword strings for your site to generate quality traffic and place these keywords strategically on your site following the Google Webmaster guidelines. These keywords will match the search queries of the clients in your niche.

Website performance will improve seo results

A website which loads fast gives will not only give a better user experience to your visitors but also will rank slightly higher in the search results. Google has decided this in late 2009. A fast server will load a website faster. Also a well optimized website with small files and few server requests will perform better. Stuffing your website with gadgets will slow your website down but this can be compensated with all kinds of high tech tricks which we will be able to serve you as well.

Seo template for better seo ranking

Flash and Javascript code is hard to crawl by search engine spiders. Styling Designs seo template developer can make templates containing only css and xhtml code. This way spiders are able to easily crawl and index your websites content. Our templates can be easily customized to your needs. There are also many free templates available which can also be used and customized. These free templates can be quite good but you will have to find the right one for the right job which can be a hard search sometimes. With our commercial templates you will have the benefit of guarantee and support. Our templates are well tested and we often provide extra features with our templates.

Seo extensions for Joomla and WordPress sites

Joomla and WordPress have got a lot of great seo extensions which we use for seo optimizing Joomla and WordPress sites. These extensions help creating sef url’s, avoid duplicate content, optimize and minimize code and help with better seo management.

When you order a seo report you will get insight in your current seo status compaired to your competitors. Our reports will clarify how much and which effort needs to be done to get your website in the top of Google.