Now that iJoobi has come with an upgrade for the Acajoom newsletter and has called this new newsletter component jNews it is time to upgrade your Acajoom newsletter component. jNews has got a lot of cool expanding possibilities like automatic bounce back management, link tracking to enable link statistics in your newsletters, auto subscribe function for visitors regitering to your site when using JomSocial. Take note that jNews is not compatible with Joomla 1.0.

Improvements jNews over Acajoom newsletter component

  1. Captcha refresh option
  2. Automatic bounce management possibility
  3. Improved statistics including graphics and pie chart
  4. Statistics show the number of subscribers and unsubscribers after each sent newsletter
  5. Option to export statistics as csv file for possible further analysis.
  6. Improved newsletter module styling, theme variation and effects
  7. HTML newsletter template management
  8. Ability to add inline css for HTML tags and inline css classes for improved email client compatibility.
  9. Queue management view
  10. Ability to clean the whole queue

Contact us for more information about Acajoom to jNews upgrade service.

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