Web Design Portfolio

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  • Apartment-Malaga.com – PHP Apartment rental site
    Unique features: White label apartment rental affiliate booking system script. All apartment availability is real time updated with the affiliate provider. The booking system runs through the apartment rental provider but the check out process has been styled with with own brand.
  • Artistimpression3d.nl – WordPress portfolio presentation for 3D artist impressions of architectural buildings.
    Unique features: Full screen images in portfolio and full screen background image slideshow.
  • Architectural.es – WordPress portfolio web site for architect.
  • Tweedehandsauto.info – Second hands car classified ads site made with WordPress.
    Unique features: Email marketing system set up with monetization strategy. Anti Spam meassurements and bullet proof security anti hacking system.
  • InternetBusinessRevolution.com – WordPress blog in magazine style
    Unique features: affiliate link masking and management system, newsletter setup
    Provided services: Hosting, domain name registration, WordPress cms seo website, template integration, image gallery, animated favicon, contact form, advanced comment system, multimedia, seo linkbuilding.
  • Zzmultimedia.net – WordPress Magazine Site
    Unique features: Auto blog which imports featured images flawless without any modification.
  • Ask2all.be – Q&A WordPress site
    Unique features: Ask questions and get answers from the crowd. Rating system to vote answers up or down and email alert system. Choose best answer for your question.
  • Coldecopen.nl – WordPress Business Directory site.
    Unique features: Package deals with different payment options. Listing notifications, email marketing features, listing expiration settings, auto pilot monetization site.
  • Linkaufbau.nl – German link building services WordPress web site.
    Unique features: Translation with WMPL Multilingual plugin.
  • LinkbuildingExpert.nl – Dutch link building services WordPress site.
    Unique features: Modern responsive web design with business services layout.
  • Targetvision.nl – Online Advertising Agency
    Unique features: Responsive WordPress silo site with review stars showing in Google search results for pages and articles. Automatic backups in the cloud on amazon S3.
  • Cheapwebhosting.reviews – WordPress web hosting review site
    Unique features: Unique set up of comparison table with review stars showing up in Google serps.
  • Daken.nl – Redesign of old website that uses frames to seo friendly Joomla website, inlcuding seo optimization services.
  • SeoMeister.eu –¬†Wordpress Business Listing and Article Directory
  • Simple Seo WordPress website for offering seo services with an unique seo approach
    Unique feature: Custom php web form
  • Flash-Effect.com Website with some Flash design examples you can order from us.
  • TekstVertaal.nl – WordPress website about translation services and affiliate program.
    Provided services: Hosting, domain name registration, Joomla cms seo website, template styling, header design, image gallery effects, latest news, pdf download and contact form
  • Schreuder-Interieurontwerp.com – Joomla website for an architect.
    Provided services:Hosting, domain name registration, Joomla cms seo website, template styling, image gallery, latest news and pdf download, contact form and business card.
  • FruitfulWedding.nl – Joomla website for catering services for weddings
    Provided services: Web hosting, domain name registration, Joomla cms seo website, template styling, image gallery, contact form, favicon, Paypal integration.
  • RestaurantBabylon.nl – Joomla website for Italian / Turkisch restaurant
    Provided services:Joomla cms seo website, Seo linkbuilding, Seo page titles and meta description, Seo url’s, 301 redirect old urls to new seo url’s, animated gif design, image gallery, HTML and XML sitemap, footer, backup and backup component, restyling template, table layout for menu cards, logo design, menu card design for print, business card design, contact form.
  • YogaYatra.nl – Joomla website yoga school
    Provided services: Installing backup component and making backup of web site, updating Joomla version and Newsletter component Acajoom, developping a newsletter template which is email client compatible using inline css and making tables for images which allign next to text in all email clients, user training on location.
  • FotoGea.nl – Joomla website for photography services
    Provided services: Adding menu items, a web page, an extended contact page, improve image gallery, adjusting template and an extra gallery page.
  • DeReintegratieLink.nl – Joomla with Flash website
    Provided services: Joomla cms website integration, flash logo, flash banner, contact form, sitemap, footer, favicon, extended editor, edit layout and publish content.