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Styling Designs web designer Amsterdam developes web sites and webshops for small and medium sized businesses. Our web designers are specialized in Joomla, WordPress and flash web design. With Joomla and WordPress we provide web design services to clients that want a flexible web site that is easy to maintain, highly expandible and seo friendly. With Flash we provide web design services to clients that want a web site that will impress the visitor by its design, effects and movements. Choosing for Joomla, WordPress or Flash can be difficult as it will have consequences for both design and performance. If you have no idea which web design services you need then you should contact us to discuss your needs. We will explain what services we can deliver for your budget. We also offer fast and secure shared and dedicated hosting services for smooth web development.

Joomla web designer

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS web site can be easily maintained by login in with your Administrator password. The Administrator part of the web site is called the backend. In the backend  you can make fast and easy adjustments like publishing articles, add pictures, movies and links. After a little bit of experience you will find how easy it is to change template and publish extensions. Joomla CMS is Open source and can be downloaded and used commercially for free. It is famous for its endless posibilities with free and commercial extensions and huge support community. Our Joomla web designer has selected the most popular and valuable free and commercial extensions and templates which can be used for Joomla web design.

WordPress web designer

Our WordPress web designer is a specialist with WordPress web design. WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System and is the best choice for developing Blogs and seach engine friendly CMS sites. A WordPress blog can be installed in its own domain or as a subdomain on a Joomla site, for example blog.styling-designs.com could be a WordPress blog in a subdomain. WordPress has got excellend comment functionalities straight out of the box and it is easy to create a community and keep your readers up-to-date with your latest posts. Our WordPress web designer has selected the most popular and valuable free and commercial plugins and templates which can be used for WordPress web design.

Flash web designer

Our Flash webedesigner is able to make web sites more stylish and add more movement to your web site.  Flash web sites are for a particular type of client. These clients like movement, style and want to impress the visitor with effects. Normal Flash web sites need Flash knowledge to be maintained. There are however Flash Content Management Systems available that enable the client to maintain most of the web content themselves. There are also possibilities to make your Flash web site seo friendly but these are time consuming as it will be necerary to provide the search engines with a HTML version of your site. Thus there will be two sites to be maintained. Our Flash web designer can make custom Flash web site designs.

Combination of Joomla or WordPress and Flash web design

There is also a middle way with which we combine the flexibility and ease of use from Joomla or WordPress with stylish effects we create with Flash. We create and add Flash elements in the header, image galleries, video galleries, buttons, logos and menus. This way we add movement to your web site and make you Joomla or WordPress web site more attractive.


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